We are two Argentinians who crossed each other's paths in Switzerland, where we live now.


Since we were little girls, thanks to our moms and grannnies we have been connected to fashion: we learnt to sew, embroider and be creative. Years later, we started to create our own designs in order to create unique scarves. They were so popular and loved that we decided to turn our hobbie into our job.


Thus, Néctar was born, with the aim of creating glamorous unique silk scarves - unique as every woman - using high-quality materials and offering affordable prices.


We chose a hummingbird for our logo: a bird that can be found in our homeland. According to the indigenous legends, was this bird who collected people's wishes to make them come true.


As the hummingbird, we would like to bring unique and beautiful designs to all women who love to wear art.


Néctar, the joy of wearing art.